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Boston Terriers are the only dogs we own. Actually, they act as if they own us, but either way we form a family. Our dogs live inside with us, are usually found in somebody's lap, and always want to be with us.


My husband, Mike, and I bought our first show-quality Boston more than a dozen years ago, but I, Sue, am not new to the breed. My dear aunt Louette had Bostons, and I fell in love with them when I was just a child, getting my first Boston Terrier when I was eight. 

I have created this web site to chronicle our AKC Conformation Dog-Show hobby of selectively breeding and exhibiting Boston Terriers that so closely match the Standard that some might earn the title of Champion. 

Since we only breed about one litter a year, and that is for our own show program, we will rarely have a puppy or an adult dog available for purchase to the right family. If you are interested in a companion-pet (to be spayed or neutered), go to our CONTACT page and send us a message. If we don't have a dog for you, we might be able to refer you to another reputable show-breeder who is also a member of the Boston Terrier Club of America (BTCA).

While there is no perfect dog, the dams and sires used by us are are from AKC champion bloodlines and are tested for the most likely problems seen in Bostons, so we have valuable health and genetic information before breeding. Then, we breed exclusively to the Boston Terrier Standard (no disqualified colors, which are NOT rare or more expensive, but just sub-standard). That said, dogs, like children, do have health issues and can have injuries. We don't have any perfect dogs here (in fact, we adult humans have some maladies, too!), so with each generation we are hoping to eliminate a problem (and "better the breed"). Please, before you buy a Boston, consider if you afford any needed vet care, and, if not, start your rainy-day savings fund (a dog can scratch an eye and, overnight, need a specialist's care). Dog ownership is an expensive luxury for those with the money, the TIME, and the energy to invest. An adult must willingly bear the responsibility, as children can't do all the work required. Are you prepared to spend time in training? Is this the right season of life for you to take on a pet? Does your work keep you away from home? (dogs are pack animals and don't thrive if home alone all day). Are you ready for the needed sacrifices? Do carefully consider these things.


Whatever brings you to our web site, we hope to brighten your day with the photos of our precious dogs.--Sue Gay

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